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DSerial Assembled

I am testing DSerial component by component to make sure everything works. Here is a picture of a completely assembled DSerial:


Here is another picture:


Now I need to write the software… My favorite part (?).

Update: Verified working components: LEDs, USB, Tilt. Remaining to test: DS interface, RS232 serial

42 Responses to “DSerial Assembled”

  1. quadomatic Says:

    Since it’s completed, any idea about the cost? I know people have been bugging you ’bout this, but I need to know!

  2. Pascal Says:

    I wonder if this thing can stream data from the PC to the DS over the USB Port in Realtime ?

  3. Alex Says:

    I’d be interested in buying one, any ideas about the cost inc. shipping to the UK?

    It looks great, but one question that’s been bugging me a bit:
    does work as a passme, or does it need the hacked firmware?

  4. David R Says:

    1. He mentioned a cost in the range of $30…but that is not final.
    2. It could definately stream data from PC to DS. (But not to play romz or anything lame like that)
    3. and finally, NO it will NOT function as a passme. You will need either flashme, or some other homebrew firmware (i know of 2 which are released, and a third in development)

  5. bohdan.s Says:

    Imagin…… USB GPS??? or Mouse or even Keyboard??

  6. natrium42 Says:

    It’s a USB device and not USB host.

  7. Alex Says:

    So the USB port is for firmware debugging, cool.
    I’m still looking for a way to put flashme onto my DS, I think I can get access to a flashcart so I’m thinking about putting flashme on that and using a passme2 then using a GBAMP to run the homebrew code off.

  8. tocom Says:

    So can I use this as a removable media device? I would love to be able to mess around with my ds as much as parasyte does….

  9. Mr. Picklesworth Says:

    This looks like it could really use a bit of casing :)
    Nothing elaborate, of course…

    Nice work!

  10. binarystatic Says:

    my question may be stupid, but im not sure I dont know much about how usb works but is it impossible to make a USB host card for the ds? so that things like ds linux could have keyboard support? or possibly use it for things like booting nds homebrew off of a pen drive or something like that?

  11. Flood_of_SYNs Says:

    I believe a keyboard connected to the RS-232 interface would be a possibility, or maybe even the I/O pins.

    This looks like it would be fun to play with, I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  12. Kenny Says:

    To connect a keyboard to the I/O pins would be easiest, ’cause a keyboard doesnt have TX and RX, but a DATA cable.
    You just need to write the code for it.

  13. Flood_of_SYNs Says:

  14. Kenny Says:

    I was talking about a PS/2 keyboard (standard computer one)
    I believe that the I/O ports still are easier to use.

  15. Tocom Says:

    I hate to be pushy but could I make a driver turining my ds into a removable media device??

  16. sdfhsdhf Says:

    uh hello people ? ? Why no excitement over a TILT CENSOR I really really really hope this thing sparks some killer homebrew

  17. Shlee Says:

    FM radio would be pretty awesome 😉

  18. HtheB Says:

    yeah an FM radio will be awsome too :)

  19. Kenny Says:

    fmradio… why not just stream it through WiFi?

  20. whiplash Says:

    You know, we could use this thing to record videos and grab screenshots of our homebrew… No need for emulators! Debugging is also pretty useful, too. Wouldn’t need emulators for that, either. I’m totally buying this.

  21. Shlee Says:

    Debugging can be done two ways.. one – If the unit can access the ARM cores in real time.. it could throw whatever you wanted down the usb.

    secondly. your programs can be programmed to talk directly to the DSerial allowing real time passive debugging.

    but both are pretty interesting options.

  22. jeremy Says:

    I don’t think the serial port has the speed to send video, and encoding the video would take up a lot of cpu. Remember there isnt a P4 in there. What I like about this is the ability to make adapters. I may have a few tricks up my sleave depending on the capabilities of the DSerial *cough* *usb host* *cough*.

    What I would love to see in the DSerial is IÂÂēC.

  23. Kenny Says:

    you can make it send raw video and make a PC encode it

  24. jeremy Says:

    Raw video gives off HUGE file sizes; I doubt it would be possible to send that much data over a serial link in realtime.

  25. Kenny Says:

    You could make the DSerial encode it 😛

  26. Jackey.Leung Says:

    Your DSerial sample code ( has a little bug.
    In serialRead(…) functions, “CARD_EEPDATA = 0x00;” must change to “CARD_EEPDATA = 0xFF;”.
    Or, you will send an incorrect data(0x00) to pc.

  27. Luke314pi Says:

    I agree that a tilt sensor could make for some great homebrew games!

  28. quadomatic Says:

    is this project dead or just on hold?

  29. Moses Says:

    Is the little CPLD on the DSerial or the PassMe2 capable of handling two RS232 ports?

    e.g. one port for a serial GPS and the other for an ElmScan (

  30. Walt Says:

    I have some of those little Trimble GPS modules. They are NOT RS232. They are TTL. I have IQs and/or SQs (I forget). I am dying to try GPS in a DS. One could make a longer board that could hold the GPS and a normal GPS antenna connector. That little antenna connector they use is a hard for normal humans to get. It is a cell phone antenna connector. Adding the cost of the GPS would bump the cost. The modules are like $45 US each plus the little antenna cable and the interconnect plug (power and serial comms.) BUT, in any event, you could still use an external GPS that is RS-232, if you wanted. A bit clumsy, though.


  31. Chetic Says:

    Uhm… This thing going to happen or what? :\
    I mean tils sensor, come on! 😀

  32. 2faraway from anywere Says:

    where can i get a DSerial from i live in the uk do i have yo ship one over or are they realy common

  33. quadomatic Says:

    is this dead?

  34. tilluigi Says:

    hi alexei,
    what’s the latest verdict on this very promising project? are you still working on it?

  35. Jos Says:

    What is the status? Any plans to to make the schematics public?

  36. j4vadrops Says:

    dang, i gotta flash my ds lite :/ im to scared lol

  37. TinX10 Says:

    What amazing project.
    I’ll dream about GPS on my DS lite is it possible to make Card like DSerial who use Bluetooth and can connect GPS module like GlobalSat BT-359 Bluetooth GPS Receiver?

  38. j4vadrops Says:


  39. lucky Says:

    what do i need to hook my ds to my computer

  40. Georges Says:


    Nice products but not compatible with memory extension like the supercard.

    I think we need a DSerial with Memory for Homebrew.

    That will be a killer product.


  41. Imprompt Says:

    Any thoughts on making a Slot 2 version?

  42. udi Says:

    Excuse my ignorance as I am new to the DS and consoles in general but it seems to me that what you are offering is a way to connect to the ds via a serial or USB port from a computer. so that programs can be loaded into the device’s memory and run and so that debug messages can be sent back to the computer. this seems more convenient than other options I’ve read about and I would certainly be interested in buying one if it is not too much.

    if I have correctly understood what this is, could you tell me where I can buy one online – preferably using paypal.

    thanks, udi.

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