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DSerial – Connect your DS

I am currently developing DSerial which is going to be a debug cable and more. It has an integrated 8051 microcontroller that can be programmed for specific applications. USB client, serial and I/O ports allow using this device for a range of ideas. An obvious application would be a debug console and perhaps even GDB support. Serial port allows to connect GPS receivers, motor controllers and other gadgets equipped with UART or RS-232 serial port. 18 I/O lines enable electronics enthusiasts to connect various projects that could use the power of two ARM CPUs. Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) is useful for a range of sensors and simple oscilloscope projects. There’s also a 2D tilt sensor (optional) that could be used in homebrew games like Marble Madness clones (please make this :) ).

I haven’t tested the hardware yet, but below are some pictures of the current state.

Here is the general system overview:


50 panelized DSerial PCBs arrived. They have to be separated and their inter-connects trimmed.


Here is how a single PCB looks like:

dserial-pcb-top.jpg  dserial-pcb-bottom.jpg

Weblog will be updated as this project progresses, so please stand by.

12 Responses to “DSerial – Connect your DS”

  1. Blaine Says:


    I got my passme a few days ago and it’s just great quality. I can’t wait to get one of these.

    Good job!

  2. SausageBoy Says:

    If these work well I’ll surely buy one. Debugging will be sweet.

  3. Mr.Pham Says:

    Natrium42, you are quite a genius! The possibilities of this unit with the DS are endless and the potential to what can be done with the unit leaves me in multiple orgasms (excuse the language, but…I could not resist)

  4. CaitSith2 Says:

    This could actually be useful for me, in terms of interfacing other hardware, such as an SNES audio processing unit.

  5. pass Says:

    What quantity of DSerials are you going to make, and do you already have some ideas on how much it will cost?

  6. DS21 Says:

    Great prenews for NDS community ! As interested upon your GPS experimental project, how to reserve & buy this new serial adaptor. And run so some GPS facility from your beta software, once obtained the Lassen IQ (as I did)? Best regards.

  7. leif902 Says:

    *drools* this looks absolutly briliant! I can’t wait… i’m going to love having a GPS enabled DS where maps are automaticly downloaded from google maps (once the wifilib is finished of course)… brilliant :)

  8. bitblt Says:

    Fantastic! I can think of so many cool things we can do with this device. We could even build a robot with our DS and teach it to walk, lol.

  9. notb4dinner Says:

    Nice work mate, looks like it should a cool little device.

    Am I correct in assuming that the 8051 will be an Anchor EZ-USB?

  10. natrium42 Says:

    It’s actually a Silicon Laboratories C8051F320.

  11. Kenny Says:

    Any progress?
    When this is finished i DEMAND you to accept a bank transfer from me!
    i couldnt buy a passme from you as you only accepts paypal!

  12. vSaAmTp Says:

    it is finished? i want to buy this great addon. my home is in germany.


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