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100+ CPLDs soldered

Here are 100+ PassMes with soldered and programmed CPLDs. Still waiting for connectors to arrive.


25 Responses to “100+ CPLDs soldered”

  1. zid Says:


  2. dr_chaos Says:

    Damn you work fast, now kick some harses to get the connectors.
    Keep up the good work

  3. ShALLaX Says:

    Mmmm mines the one at the bottom right! 😮

  4. bLAStY Says:

    I can see mine from here 😉 Nice work natrium!

  5. Sniper Says:

    Awesome job, can’t wait …
    (I thought mine was the bottom right :P)

  6. dXtr Says:

    no, the one at the bottom right is mine 😀

  7. ShALLaX Says:

    We’ve all been sold the same one! Scandal!

  8. Cbass182 Says:

    You’re all wrong!!! They’re all mine!!! Mine I tell you!!! Mu hwa ha haaa…

  9. CodeWarrior Says:

    Hey, well I guess this explains why my PassMe has not arrived yet. So I don’t have to nag Natrium now – that’s good. Well I hope things get finished soon, although I still haven’t bought a DS yet, was waiting till I could homebrew before doing so. But now that there are 4 additional colors available, I want a black DS [ has ’em]. So who knows when I will be getting my DS?! Therefore I am in no hurry, as long as I get one eventually (since I have already put my money on the table). Any one will do, I am not picky.

  10. Sniper Says:

    You know you want the bottom right one, it’s the most popular and clearly the best of the lot 😛

  11. Vinnymac Says:

    I bought my PassMe today i can’t wait to get it. I desided to encase it in something and keep it as a souvenier it may sound weird but its the first DS accoplishment i’ve seen and im proud i’ll have an original.

  12. ShALLaX Says:

    I’m going to encase mine too… in my DS :p

  13. Leif902 Says:

    Lol I’m going to stick mine in my metroid card (or attempt to anyway)… I can already Smell it!… um… yah… (I can see it now, the 4th one down on the 5th row) lol can’t wait to order! (on a more seriouse note, what’s the difference between the one, youre’s w/ the rotated CDPL and the “Single Sided” one… they all work as well right? No speed issues?)

  14. Sniper Says:

    The ones on Are these exact ones as on this site, made by the same person :) (it looks that way to me anyway)

    The ones on are just some guy also making them. And to be honest, his work looks dodgy.

  15. Cleon_I Says:

    Actually, the ones are made by Lynx, another DS hacker. IIRC, Natrium42 designed the original PCB, Lynx just offered to make a bunch of them. Personally, I’d rather get one from the source, even if it takes a little longer. 😉

    Natrium42, thanks for keeping us posted!

  16. sack Says:

    I am so itching to get something up and running on my DS now :)

  17. Jeromelab Says:

    Just ordered one, can’t wait to try it :)

  18. Abscissa Says:

    Argh! So where are them dern connectors? Can’t…wait…much…more…. :)

  19. omfg Says:

    omfg, I paid $30 like a month ago… still waiting…

  20. ShALLaX Says:

    Thats nothing, I paid for an Action Replay Max Drive Pro for the GC in July 2004, got it in Jan 2005.

  21. dXtr Says:

    Who’s it going natrium? you know when you will get the connectors?

  22. omfg Says:

    he just got the connectors, check out IRC #dsdev on EFNET

  23. dXtr Says:

    maybe I should.. has been along time since I last used irc ;D

    ShALLaX > So you’re into to ds dev now? I really like the work with gentooX :)

  24. ShALLaX Says:

    Yep, I’ll see how the scene goes. Portable linux sounds good to me 😉

  25. tom Says:

    holy fuck shallax. ur into DS modding too? wtf ur crazy dude. just in case anybody doesn’t know shallax… look up the xbox-linux project… or Gentoox… MCE… LEGAL BOIS for xbox… this guy can handle all ur needs seriously.

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