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Connectors have arrived!

Finally the connectors have arrived! emoticon

Here are two pictures of a finished PassMe with DS cart inserted.

passme-connector-iso.jpg  passme-connector-side.jpg

62 Responses to “Connectors have arrived!”

  1. dXtr Says:

    what a beauty
    I want it now! 😀

  2. ShALLaX Says:

    That ones mine! (Providing it actually works!) ;p

  3. CaitSith2 Says:

    ShALLaX: You forgot one detail. Did that fully completed passme get assembled from the one on the bottom right? You declared that one as yours first.

  4. Sniper Says:

    Awesome, excellent work Natrium42. The borrom right one is mine! I’ll never allow it to fall into your evil hands ShALLaX!

  5. natrium42 Says:

    Perhaps I should put the bottom right one up for auction… 😉

  6. Vinnymac Says:

    Yo this roxz0rz now i already ordered mine. I can’t wait to get it so natrium42 they only take 1 week to ship right?

  7. natrium42 Says:

    Yes, that’s about right.

  8. Werdy Says:

    looks nice man =)
    Whart missing is: massproducation of them and a real case like a real DS game to get the catridge easier in 😉

  9. ShALLaX Says:

    That one IS the bottom right one…. I recognise it! :p

  10. Sniper Says:

    What are the distinguishing marks?

  11. Abscissa Says:

    Hot damn! I thought it was just going to be the old PCI clip connectors. These look spiffy! Can’t wait to get mine!

  12. dXtr Says:

    natrium > was thinking of a think.. was looking through the vhdl code darkfader got on his site. and just got this idea..
    is it possible to change the entry adress in the vhdl code so I can use my flash cart with multiboot (if I calulate the correct adress for the ds code I want to run)?
    like if the ds code is on adress 0xC0100000 I change the patch to this instead of 0xC0000008?

  13. dXtr Says:

    just realised that I had it all wrong with the adresses 😉 ofcourse I meant 0x080000C0 and not 0xC0000008

  14. natrium42 Says:

    dXtr, it’s indeed possible to change that address in the VHDL.

    I don’t understand what this has to do with multiboot. Could you clarify it, please?

  15. dXtr Says:

    multiple binaries is what I ment not multiboot.. another typo

    What I understand of how the flashcarts works (after some guessing, couldn’t find any info) with multi. bin. is that you have a loader app that you put in the begining of the memory and then you just add on with other binaries after, that the loader points to. but maybe I’m wrong… =/

  16. ShALLaX Says:

    Woooohooo just got a shipping confirmation email from Natrium! PassMe here I come ;p

  17. natrium42 Says:

    OK, makes more sense now :)

    What 0x080000C0 does is jump over the 192 byte header that is sometimes messed up by menu loaders.

    Menu loaders are usually behind the actual demo, since demos are not relocatable (i.e. cannot be moved with respect to the address space). Menu loaders usually use bank switching fo multiple demos. Note that this might be wrong for some fancy carts. For example, they might use a hardware adder to shift addresses; or some other mechanism like execution RAM…

    So if you *do* have a fancy flash cart, you would have to investigate how it actually works and experiment with it.

  18. dXtr Says:

    well. I don’t know what counts as ‘fancy cart’ but I got a efa 512mb so I guess it might be counted as fancy :)

    what I was thinking was that it looked something like this in memory:

    0x08000000 : Loader that points to other bins
    0x08100000 : some kewl demo :)
    0x08200000 : some other demo

    but that’s not the case?

  19. natrium42 Says:

    Looks like your cart has been tested already :)

    Technically, the scheme you describe is possible, if the flash cart has some hardware-adder that shifts the requested addresses by the given offset. I have not seen this used in the limited number of carts I have looked at.

    “EZ-Flash 3 1Gb” is the weirdest I have seen so far. It loads a demo from flash to dedicated RAM on the card and then runs it. Luckily it also allows to run demos from flash with some trickery.

  20. dXtr Says:

    well the reason I was asking all this stupid questions is that I want to know if I can change the load adress so I don’t have to clean the entire flashcart and have it totaly dedicated to ds deving.

  21. natrium42 Says:

    It’s possible, but you would need to write some custom tools / software :)

    For example you could write your own DS menu loader that would switch banks and go to GBA mode to run a GBA demo.

  22. dXtr Says:

    hm… in that case I think it wont happend (atleast not any time soon)
    I got to little knowledge of how the flashcarts work to do something like this for now… maybe later on.. some time. (or maybe not) 😉

  23. natrium42 Says:

    Costis was working on a DS loader menu to put multiple homebrew DS demos onto one cart. One of the requested features was to add GBA demo support. I don’t know whether he actually added it yet or not.

  24. bLAStY Says:

    And we don’t know how long it will take before he releases it too, hey, it’s Costis! Someone else might aswell write a simple .NDS loader w/ GBA support. :)

  25. Cleon_I Says:

    My PassMe(s) have been shipped! Thanks again Natrium, looking forward to fooling around with it.

  26. Kev(Effeffessesess) Says:

    :'( soldout. How long untill next batch are created ? lol I bet you will be pissed off to read this

  27. Leif902 Says:

    lol looks great… I might buy one but i’m considering using the wirless one to save money… I really can’t decide! (really no difference though, just loading and stuff)

  28. Cleon_I Says:

    Kev, have you tried the other sites that are selling passmes?

  29. nYoo Says:

    The other sites don’t have passmes with that cool connector :S

  30. jojo Says:

    hello! I WANT ONE!!! but thats not the only thing i had to say: i am just wondering… why do you need to put a ds cart in the passme??? and i had an idea: when you load a gba game on a screen it must be checking where these settings are, so using the arm 9 processor for acces… so when we put a few extra lines that say that it has to load homebruw codes, in the address that says on witch screen to load the game then you only need the passme to load that code in it fore ever (so when you reset the nintendo ds it is still there…)
    and you dont need any passme ever!!!
    i don’t know for sure i’m just a kid and really unproffesional at this level of technology so… and sorry,too if my spelling is bad because i am from the Netherlands…..

  31. Cbass182 Says:

    uhh…first of all i have no idea what you’re talking about…second of all…there’s no way to have a game on the ds “forever”…when you turn your ds off, whatevers in ram goes bye bye…and you NEED the passme to run homebrew at this point…loopy is working on patching the firmware so we won’t need the passme…but ironically you will need the passme to rewrite the firmware…so either way, you need one to run homebrew till a ds specific flash cart comes out…(which will hopefully be soon but probably won’t happen till my guess the earliest would be the end of this year begining of next year, but even that is wishful thinking)

  32. Sniper Says:

    Mines on the way too, Thanks again Natrium42.

  33. ShALLaX Says:

    Got mine! Thanks again, works like a charm!

  34. Vinnymac Says:

    Yo Natrium if u scroll to the top you’ll see me asking one mine would ship lol. But the thing is i ordered it 2 days before i posted that so why hasn’t it come? i ordered it and now there sold out so i thought i was lucky but if its not coming im getting very worried.

  35. Vinnymac Says:

    Oh sorry man i used a bad email address. So i geuss i just didn’t notice the email. I didn’t no there was a delay did u post it here? I was getting way to scared.

  36. dXtr Says:

    whoa! mine is on it’s way 😀

  37. dafer Says:

    Got mine yesterday, and I can tell it was the bottom right =D

  38. bLAStY Says:

    Mine’s on the way too! :) Shipped on monday, it’s wednesday now, I live in .NL. So I guess it would take some more days to arrive *can’t wait*

    Thanks for all the effort natrium! Thanks to you many people will get kickstarted in DS dev :)

  39. Vinnymac Says:

    hey natrium if someone lives in the USA on the eastern side how long do you think it would take to ship cuz this is almost my second week of waiting.

  40. Abscissa Says:

    I’m on the eastern part of the US too and haven’t gotten it yet either…

  41. Sniper Says:

    Heh, im in Australia 😛

  42. Cleon_I Says:

    Vinnymac, mine shipped Apr 14 and I live on the west coast (LA) and still haven’t gotten mine either. It just takes a while to ship overseas. Patience! 😉

  43. dr_chaos Says:

    Hoooooooooooooooo Yessssssssssssss…
    upsss on the keyboard again.
    Got shipped , checking mail every 5 min :)

  44. dr_chaos Says:

    hheheheh guest what… it looks even better in my hands…
    brrrr still have 4 hours of works ahead before going home , damn

  45. dhau Says:

    I got mine yesterday, thanks a lot. I plan to use it with EZFA 256 (borden’s red cart). Is there a howto of sorts how to setup development environment for DS with passme? Thanks

  46. dhau Says:

    PS: passme looks super-professional! Great job.

  47. Abscissa Says:

    Yay! Just got mine :)

  48. dXtr Says:

    wheeeeee!! 😀
    just tested it with battleshipDS, works great!!

  49. Davelicious Says:

    Great work Natrium. Ijust received my Passme and it works fantastic

  50. Kujo Says:

    Got mine’s today…it’s SWEET!!!


  51. Cleon_I Says:

    Got mine, works on the 3 demos I tried it with. Thanks again Natrium!

  52. Vinnymac Says:

    It came finally It’s so sexy and hot OMG its like the miniature version of SEX its just pure skillet.

  53. Sniper Says:

    Just got mine, awesome job Natrium42. (Opened the envolope and first thing it fell on the floor :P)

  54. Cbass182 Says:

    Can’t wait till the coding competition is over at GBAX, there should be a LOT of stuff that will be pretty sweet (compared to what there is now) considering the DS came out not that long ago…can’t wait to see everyone’s projects…hehehe…

  55. Jay Says:

    Hey when can we expect to see more of these for sale? Looks great!

  56. Kev(Effeffessesess) Says:

    build more. I need one!

    lol thanks for your efforts :)

  57. Chris Says:

    I need one =/

  58. Cygoku Says:

    What’s the use if we don’t have a flash cart and/or a cable to hook it to our PC and stream homebrews demo and/or test our own shits?


  59. Kingki Says:

    the passme is great job.
    but, i think nds maybe can not use sram save function by passme+flash gba cart…???

  60. Erwin Says:

    Hey when would i be able to purchase this?

  61. SilentDesign Says:

    y0! Finally got my passme today. It took me a while to figure out that you can’t write the rom loader to the gba card for the passme to work. But man, i’m loving it. Just got done playing dsHeretic. Great game . Finally i can start testing doomDS code on the DS. hip hip, HOORAY!

  62. RX3 Says:

    I’m a bit confused. but what is the main prpose of the passme?

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