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Video: Assembling DSerial

Here is a video of me assembling a DSerial. I plan to release DSerial next week.

33 Responses to “Video: Assembling DSerial”

  1. Agilo Says:

    That’s pretty fun to watch. :) 😛
    I may buy it from you (if possible), in due time. 😉

  2. dg10050 Says:

    Wait…so where does the flux capacitor go?? O.o

    Heh, jk. Anyway, I’ll definitely be buying one if you plan on selling them. I actually still have my original PassMe, lol. Oh the memories. :)
    Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  3. TheRain Says:

    Nice work man… I am still quite impressed with the quality of design you’re able to make on your own. Wish I could’ve helped you out with the coding before this gets shuttled out to users.. can’t wait to get mine 😉 The DS is such a great dev platform… this will take it to the next level for sure.

  4. Juhees Says:

    Wow, great soldering skills!
    I didn’t know, you can build a DSerial so fast.

  5. Thom Says:

    I really, really want one. As soon as they come out. I will be customer.
    Customer you!

  6. Tik Says:

    Nice vid. What does the DSerial acctually do.
    Annoying Music -.-

  7. TheRain Says:

    To Tik: You can think of DSerial as an I/O expander for the DS. Where as it’s normally tricky to get digital I/O going from the DS to some external hardware, this will make it as easy or easier than programming a microcontroller that has all of the inbuilt I/O features… plus you will have the benefit of all of the DS’s awesome built in peripherals in conjunction with whatever you want to interface with. The DS is incredibly easy to program for, as embedded systems go… and this will make hardware I/O as simple as it can be.. and the DS will be an awesome, easy to use, extremely open development system.

  8. theNinjaBunny Says:

    Are you planning to release the GPS board too?
    It will be great!

  9. bubbs Says:

    Do you offer soldering lessons? That was the best home video ever! I want one of those just cause I saw you build it, and I don’t even know if I would ever use it!

  10. Tik Says:

    wow cool. thanks TheRain

  11. j4vadrops Says:

    w00tage, im sooo getting one!

  12. quadomatic Says:

    So…how much is it?

  13. Lanrat Says:

    will i be able to modify my passkey to have this?

  14. xaMpi Says:

    awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. j4vadrops Says:

    quadomatic, natrium42 said 30-something dollars, i forget…

  16. Rewtz Says:

    Cool stuff XD

    Cool Soldering job, I will suggest something for the chip resistors and caps, tin one pad, then tac down one side, then heat the aposeing and touch it quickly with some solder :) Thats just me! Anyhow Looking forward to seeing what that can do. I am kinda of sad because I just put flashme7 on my DSphat and it was v4 and it will not brighten the screen :(

  17. nYoo Says:

    Wo what’s the status?

  18. Gunnex Says:

    Nice man, too cool.
    Some questions though:
    1) DSL Compatibility?
    2) NoPass Function?
    3) GPS Board?
    4) Devkit?

  19. I wish I could buy online so I could hack :( Says:

    SO…the DSerial is only er those who rpogramme….dayyyuuummmmm!!!…But I can’t buy online anywayz :( and if it can work like a nopass or passme I want it!!!But still can’t get it!!!AND EVEN IF I CAN’T USE IT I STILL WANT A CIRCUIT CHIP BOARD….lol…

    Sorry bout my grammar…it is night over here and I wrote this at night so :p

  20. Payk Says:

    WOW. Very fast and good soldering…Damn did you worked in a chinese manufactory before? Like TheRain said, if you need coder for stuff let me know (or TheRain). Go on like that 😉

  21. Pas Says:

    Hmm… So we can use this to maybe get Information of what you do currently on your DS Touch – and Top screen ? Like the On screen Picture ? Maybe use it as a Video Stream ?

  22. falseadress Says:

    Sweet but how do we use it?
    connect it to the comptuer and then programme it?
    so that is how you solder. i forgot to use flux on all the soldering projects so i kept on bidging the gaps . and also melting the leds
    is there a guide on soldering?

  23. Rom Says:

    Flash v.8 => Linux users cannot watch the video, just sound.

  24. natrium42 Says:

    Rom, not true. Flash 9 is out for Linux and I watch it just fine using Ubuntu.

    Here is the page:

    If you still have problems, let me know what browser etc. you are using and I will see what I can do.

  25. Olegos Says:

    Good flux, wery fast assembling Xil. and Brige.

  26. Worlor Says:

    What is the first music ?

  27. Worlor Says:

    What is the name of the first song ? :p

  28. Worlor Says:

    Please ;'(

  29. natrium42 Says:

    LOL, it’s a song from Super Mario World 😉

  30. unicks Says:

    What watch are you wearing?

  31. Worlor Says:

    Thanks, i search it :)

  32. Worlor Says:

    Have you a link to download this music ?

  33. joe Says:

    Informative AFA learning to do SMD soldering; the music is annoying and distracts totally from the point of what you’re trying to achieve here.

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