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Soldering Cart To PassMe

It’s possible to solder the cart directly to the PassMe PCB.

I took the cart PCB out and glued it to the PassMe. Afterwards, short wires were soldered between the pads. Here are pictures of the result:

 passme-soldered-iso-top.jpg passme-soldered-iso-bottom.jpg passme-soldered-inserted.jpg

 Overall, I think gluing the cart is a good idea to achieve robustness (especially if PCI pins are used).

8 Responses to “Soldering Cart To PassMe”

  1. PGen Says:

    Once glued in, is there a way to bypass the PassMe so that the fixed cart can be played as normal?

  2. Stone Says:

    Funny, had exactly the same idea earlier when I soldered up my own PassMe :)


  3. Nikolas Says:

    Now I think that thats not a good idea because the passme doesn’t get any shorter or more compact it just gets less protected and more harder to change (if you want to change the card for some reason).

  4. Vinnymac Says:

    Yea i do agree but it is his first development give the guy a brake. In a few years he’ll have competition and have to get all compact and easier to use.

  5. maniacdevnull Says:

    How thick are the two PCBs together? Would it be possible to fold the game PCB over the PassMe PCB and fit the whole deal inside the game slot? Even if it just shortened it, it would go a long way to make PassMe easier to handle.

  6. natrium42 Says:

    Yes, it’s possible if the PCB is redesigned to move the CPLD chip towards the bottom. Otherwise the Mask ROM and the CPLD will be stacked over each other and the cart won’t fit into the slot.

    Since I don’t think many people would like to solder anything anyway, I will not bother designing this PCB. However you are free to do so yourself :)

  7. Daltlonlaffs Says:

    I like the idea, and I also wanna get a Passme for myself — I don’t get much $. However, even when I do save enough, there is an error with PayPal on every site that uses it. The window has a red X in it, and it says something like “Pay with PayPal! It’s fast, easy, and free…”. When I click it, it says “The Page Cannot Be Displayed”. If it can’t be fixed, can I mail you the $ so you can give me a Passme? Mom won’t give away our Credit Card #, anyway. We can arrange it so you don’t send me the Passme until you get the $, so you don’t have to worry about me scamming, even though I’D NEVER DO THAT. I’m only 10, but believe me, I am a 5* programmer. I already know GBA code, so onto NDS!!! Please leave a comment here to reply — my parents will kill me if you send us a letter.


  8. tom Says:

    10 year old hax0rs. gawd damn. lol congrats though dude. u have a career ahead of you.

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