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Single Layer PassMe

Disclaimer: This design is untested and unproven!

People have requested a single layer version so here it is. There is one air wire for VDD which needs to be soldered. Also, the JTAG connector had to be removed. JTAG wires should be soldered for programming and testing and clipped off afterwards.

Here is the PCB rendered with Eagle3D & Pov-Ray:


Here is the EAGLE BRD file:

5 Responses to “Single Layer PassMe”

  1. Hackwiz Says:

    could you provide a comparision picture of the passthrough and a ds cart if possible?
    also, I have a few questions: will this final product just have to put placed into the ds cartridge slot? no loose wires? also, is it possible to create a passthrough physically identical to a ds cartridge in terms of shape and size? because that would be great, just pop it in and use your existing gba flash cartridge…

  2. BlueStorm Says:

    How is that PassMe is still not verified to work 😕 many weeks if not months passed since the first design, i thought that u ordered a pcb to a shop or something 😮

  3. KoKKo Says:

    How do we know this aint some fake like those other people. They claim they have a working emu for the ds but they wont release it because its illegal. what makes this legit?

  4. Lynx Says:

    Nothing makes it legit.. You just need to chill. Custom PCB’s don’t get produced overnight.

  5. Abscissa Says:

    Argh! The suspense is killing me! So does it work? Huh? huh? huh? 😀

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