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PassMe Prototype

I am still waiting for my PassMe board from manufacture. So far people who received the boards could not get them to work. This is why I decided to build PassMe on a prototype board using the same schematic diagram.

Using a PLCC version of the same CPLD chip (PLCC is bigger in size compared to VQFP), I assembled the board and tested it by running my battleshipDS game. Everything worked the first time. Some pictures are provided below.

Please bear in mind that this does not mean that the real PassMe board has zero bugs. But at least it proves that the concept is fine!

This blog will be updated when the tiny PassMe PCB is tested and works.

cpld-overview-small.jpg cpld-components-small.jpgcpld-board-small.jpg

3 Responses to “PassMe Prototype”

  1. Aisha Clan-Clan Prower Says:

    Is that a solderless breadboard? Battlship Ds looks good. Wish it wold be released for passthrough/emu (eventualy)

  2. Abscissa Says:

    It’s not a solderless breadboard, it’s a wirewrap board.

  3. Aisha Clan-Clan Prower Says:

    Ah, I see. There are no pics of the bottom. Solderless breadboards can be bought from Edmund Scientifics(www.scientificsonline). Although the passme has ben built and works…

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