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MIDI In/Out Hardware for DS

Posted schematics, pictures and brief instructions for connecting MIDI input and output to DS to the DSerial Wiki. MIDI output is very easy, because it requires no components besides wire and a 5-pin DIN connector. MIDI input, on the other hand, requires a 3.3V optocoupler because MIDI uses a current loop to prevent introduction of noise.

DS MIDI Input/Output

DS MIDI Input/Output

DSerial is an open-source, open-hardware interfacing card for NDS.

8 Responses to “MIDI In/Out Hardware for DS”

  1. Leif902 Says:

    Interesting, I may have to try this. There should be a certain MIDI channel to activate the rumble pack… I know if I send an MID ringtone to my phone, there is a special channel to vibrate (for the background beat and stuff).

  2. Video Game News » Blog Archive » MIDI In/Out Hardware for DS Says:

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  3. walker Says:

    Heyo, I am new to modding my Nintendoes. I am curious if this midi setup would work the same for a GBA. GBA comm is just a UART after all, but I dunno if it’s gotta be a specific type of UART or what. Anyone know?


  4. Raj Says:

    “MIDI In/Out Hardware for DS”

    Very curious to know if this would work of GBA/GBSP/DS, and how well does this midi controller work???

    I am currently looking for a midi sequencer to trigger midi files which in turn would be used to trigger a drum sampler for stage performances.

    I would appreicate ANY feed back in this matter.
    Also curious if you make any hardware hacks for PDA’s??

    Thanks again,


  5. Create Digital Music » Hacked MIDI Support for Nintendo DS: DSerial Says:

    […] hardware hack (DSerial + MIDI) for adding input and output jacks: MIDI In/Out Hardware for DS [Natrium42 blog] Schematics and instructions for MIDI on the DSerial […]

  6. Cone Says:

    Ack! Midi too! Why oh why did I have to find out about this project a year late. :(

  7. thomas Says:


    what a pity I didn’t get me a DSerial2 in time. Are there any plans for a DSerial3? I’ve heard about a Slot-2-solution… That would fit me as I’m currently using a slot-1 card to run homebrew code on my DS…
    If there is such a thing as a waiting list: pleace put my name on it.
    BTW: Your HALO is a pretty cool thing. I’ve just checked out ther flight2 videos and pics. GREAT! A MUST HAVE SEEN THING!

    Thanks Thomas

  8. uiry Says:

    hi der my name is uiry and i would like to no mor of the MIDI In/Out Hardware i would like to bye the hardware plz tell me mor

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