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RoboDS Assembly Video

Here is the RoboDS assembly video:

6 Responses to “RoboDS Assembly Video”

  1. Worlor Says:

    Hum, nice work 😉

  2. Farthen Says:

    Can’t you make the videos downloadable?
    Would be very nice if that would work

  3. Sonic Residues » RoboDS Assembly Video Says:

    […] is a useful video for learning about how to hack servo motors for continuous rotation RoboDS Assembly Video […]

  4. serial-port Says:

    great article, I love your style. All the best green this commentary comes out of England.

  5. omg Says:

    Cool! Very instructive!

  6. hoodwiinked Says:

    Thanks for putting your video online! If you edit it shorter and post it at the location similar to this ( ) , you can probably make some money.

    Your opening our eyes to the potential!!!

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