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DSerial Software


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DS Side

Microcontroller Side

DSerial Hardware

DSerial Components

DSerial Components

DSerial uses ICs that require very few components.

Symbol Package Description
MCU LQFP-32 Silicon Laboratories C8051F320 USB microcontroller
ACCEL E-8 Analog Devices ADXL311 dual axis accelerometer
MAX TSSOP-16 Texas Instruments MAX3221 Single-Channel RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver
LED1, LED2 0805 Status LEDs
R1 0603 2kOhm resistor (not needed)
R2 0603 1MOhm resistor (for ACCEL)
R3, R4 0603 current-limiting resistors (around 47Ohm)
C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 0603 0.1uF ceramic capacitors
C6 0603 0.1uF ceramic capacitor (decoupling cap for MCU)
C7, C8, C9 0603 0.1uF ceramic capacitors (for ACCEL)

DSerial provides the following connectors.

Symbol Number of contacts Description
USB 6 Mini USB connector
RS232 3 RS232 level UART
IO1 12 First IO connector
IO2 12 Second IO connector
PROG 4 Programming connector (initial programming)
SLOT 17 DS Slot connector

There are also a couple of solder jumpers.

Symbol Default Description
PWR Disabled Enables USB powered mode
INV Disconnected Connects MAX3221 serial line sense to P0.7 of C8051F320. This could be used to detect whether a serial port is connected.
X, Y Analog Selects duty cycle or analog mode for the accelerometer


DSerial Schematic

Additional Pictures

DSerial PCB (Eagle3D)
DSerial batch
DSerial assembled