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A self-built RFID reader (designed as PataCircuitBoard introduced by the Ludic Society) is connected to the Nintendo DS via the DSerial card. It is part of the project "Nordlich BlitzPlay (RFID Guitar Hero III)" which has been performend during Piksel Festival in Bergen/Norway. For details and concept of this pervasive art-game, please take your time and look at the website: http://www.ludic-society.net/blitz!

Street Play Performance

The signal lines are connected to DSerial CMOS-level UART at IO2 connector. Make sure to set baud rate to 9600baud. Please, make sure that you edited also mcu.h and the firmware according to the "Hello World LED" example in the dev-scene Forum.

Here is some sample code of the UartHandler: <cpp> int ledTimer = 0;

void uartReceiveHandler(char * data, unsigned int size);

void uartReceiveHandler(char * data, unsigned int size) {

 if((size > 0) && (size <= MAX_DATA_SIZE)) {
   char buffer[MAX_DATA_SIZE+1];
   memcpy(buffer, data, size);
   buffer[size] = '\0';
 ledTimer = 10;


/* during initalization do following */

dseUartSetBaudrate(9600); dseSetModes(ENABLE_CMOS /* | ENABLE_SERVO */); dseUartSetReceiveHandler(uartReceiveHandler);

/* then somewhere else within the while(1) do: */

if (ledTimer>0) ledTimer--; if (ledTimer==0) {

 uint8 p1 = dseReadRegister(MCU_P1);
 dseWriteRegister(MCU_P1, p1 | 0xC0);

} if (ledTimer<0) ledTimer=-1;



Wunderbaum Schematic

The gate of NPN Mosfet is connected to PIN 6 of DSerial's IO1


  • Core2 RFID Reader Module (works at 5Volt!)
  • IRF9014 MOSFET
  • LM2698 Boost Regulator (3,3Volt -> 5Volt)
  • MAX1811 Li-Io Charger
  • MAX232
  • SMD Parts (Resistors, Capacitor, Coil)


Wunderbauemchen Description
Wire Plan