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DSerial Edge

DSerial Edge

DSerial Edge is an I/O adapter for the Nintendo DS handheld console. It's not compatible with Nintendo DSi. But there is a workaround: "Currently DSerial EDGE won't boot on a DSi but you can use one of the DSi compatible cards to boot and then swap to DSerial." (source)

For DSerial² information go to DSerial2.

For original DSerial information go to DSerial.


  • Complete Slot-1 solution based on EDGE
  • 18 I/O pins, digital and analog
  • 2 x UARTs
  • 48MHz improved performance with C8051F34A microcontroller
  • Remote debugging via GDB and devkitARM (to be released)

Note: RS232 level converter and accelerometer were removed from older models, since they were under-used on DSerial2.

DSerial Edge Software


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DS Programming

Microcontroller Programming (Advanced)

DSerial Edge Hardware

DSerial Edge Components

DSerial Edge uses ICs that require very few external components.

Symbol Package Description
MCU LQFP-32 Silicon Laboratories C8051F34A USB microcontroller
LED1, LED2 0805 Status LEDs
R3, R4 0603 current-limiting resistors (around 47 Ohm)
C6 0603 0.1uF ceramic capacitor (decoupling cap for MCU)

DSerial Edge provides the following connectors.

Symbol Number of contacts Description
USB 6 Mini USB connector
IO1 12 First IO connector
IO2 12 Second IO connector, contains UART0 and UART1
PROG 4 Programming connector (for initial microcontroller programming)
DS SLOT 17 DS Slot connector


DSerial Edge Schematic


Problem Solution
Message "EDGE.DAT tidak menemukan!" appears Insert a microSD card with EDGE.DAT. If it doesn't help, reseat the microSD card a few times to make sure the contact is good.
DSerial Edge is not detected by NDS or works intermittently Clean the 17 contacts using a toothpick. Make sure that the toothpick is not sharp by cutting off its tip with a knife. There might be some dirt or residue due the manufacturing process. This is a standard maintenance procedure for a slot-based card.