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  • CPU: 8051 core, up to 48 MIPS, expanded interrupt handler, 4 16-bit counters/timers.
  • RAM Memory: 4352 bytes
  • Program Memory: Flash 64kB, in-system programmable.
  • Digital I/O: 25 ports(See note1), 5V tolerant inputs(See note2).
  • Communication: SMBus(I2C compatible), SPI(See note3), 2 UART.
  • Analog to Digital Converter: 10-bit resolution, up to 200 ksps.
  • Crossbar available for about every function.
  • Internal voltage reference of 2.4V.
  • USB: 2.0 compliant, Full-speed(12Mbps) or Low-speed(1.5Mbps) operation, only slave mode support.

Note1: Only 18 are available on the DSerial Edge.

Note2: Microcontroller output voltage is 3.3V.

Note3: The SPI bus is used for communication with the Nintendo DS.


DSerial Edge C8051F34A Microcontroller

Memory Map

DSerial Edge Memory Map

Program memory's first 0x07FF bytes are reserved for the bootloader. User firmware should begin at memory 0x0800. Overwriting the bootloader may render the DSerial Edge's I/O useless, and you'll need to reprogram the microcontroller with a special cable.

See also registers Needs completion

Additional Information Sources And Tools

Silabs' page about the microcontroller for current datasheet and application notes

SiLabs IDE and Tools for Windows

Small Device C Compiler (SDCC) for Linux and Windows

Linux Driver for Programming Cable

Datasheet v1.2