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Flashme Service and Pre-Modified DS Available

Ahead Games now offers FlashMe firmware upgrade service here. You just send your DS in and they flash it and send it back to you.

Don’t have a DS or want a second one? Buy a pre-modified DS here

4 Responses to “Flashme Service and Pre-Modified DS Available”

  1. Stimie Says:

    Don’t buy from Aheadgames. It’s just one guy that runs it and takes him a bare minium of 4 weeks to even get to your order. You’ll get your order in about 6 weeks if you get anything at all. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH AHEADGAMES.

  2. zektor Says:

    I can vouche for this. I ordered from him and received nothing. No merchandise, no emails, and I had to force a chargeback. This was a few weeks ago, and he still has yet to reply. I did the smart thing and ordered the Passme2. I’ll flash my firmware myself.

  3. Geo Says:

    I just let an order brew until completion (I had my girlfriend’s DS to occupy me) and he took a month and a half to mod my DS, even after threatening to (and I eventually did) call the Better Business Bureau.

    As for my girlfriend’s DS? Once she can afford a Supercard, we’re going to flash the firmware together

  4. Yautja Says:

    you dont need to send off your ds to flash it just use a wireless card (not router) and flash it yourself no need to spend money on a superpass or anything like that and if you dont have a wireless card go to a friends or something and use thiers I flashed my ds at home on my own i didnt buy anything extra or nuthin.

    try this website for the file
    and google wifime for the way to put onto your ds
    if you get confused try forums (i did)

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