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Bluetooth module tested

Today I tested a Serial-to-Bluetooth module connected to my PassMe serial interface. It’s Class 1 Bluetooth with 100+ metres (300+ feet) line-of-sight range. I could send and receive data using HyperTerminal. Next step would be to write some useful application for it … e.g. IRC client :)

Perhaps it’s possible to connect to a Bluetooth cell phone? I requested some documentation from the manufacturer.


22 Responses to “Bluetooth module tested”

  1. petteri Says:

    Port putty and the you have all bash, irssi, mutt etc. :)

  2. parrot Says:

    How did you do it? (Through hyperterminal that is)

  3. SausageBoy Says:

    Personally, I think you should work on support for the car 100. That’s a tiny, bluetooth controlled car. Oooohhh, the awesomeness! Great work anyways!

  4. darth_tater Says:

    usb=i like
    can anyone here say ipod sport?
    if you could get an ipod working as a large hd for ds linux to pull movies/’mp3’s off of…. you could put 60 gig’s of movies/music on ipod and use ds 2 play it…
    or maby the ds as a touch screen/ remote for the ipod(i pod in pocket and ds controls it?)

    just stuff i would like 2 see and stuff for the developers 2 think about

    if only this could interface with ipod linux….

  5. natrium42 Says:

    The USB module is USB-client only. It doesn’t have any USB host functionality.

    If the iPod can be a USB host, one could probably develop something for a Cypress USB (or similar) microcontroller. I would imagine that you would have to implement the USB mass storage specification. So, yeah, it might be a big project…

  6. darth_tater Says:

    i know its a big project….
    i just wanted 2 get the gears turning in some developers heads…
    this is how we get cool things…
    people go ” hey woldn’t what be cool if…”
    so im just saying ” hey woldn’t what be cool if u could hook up an ipod…”

  7. tuxi Says:


    is it possible a GPS BLueTOOTH module and tomtom with it

  8. Kenny Says:

    how did you connect it to hyperterminal???

  9. greatdevourer Says:

    For those wondering how to connect it to hyperterminal, I guess he just went into whichever BlueTooth util he has, selected it (if it’s set to discoverable, which it might not), then put the BTIP in. When I get my PassMe, it’s gonna be one of the first things I try (good thing PowerBooks come with it build in)

  10. Jim Shorts Says:

    I think your an ass! How could you be so dumb. Don’t you know that nintedo is going to sue the crap put of you! If I were you I put up an I.P. blocker on my sever. Put an emulated MAC adress and host it off somebody elses wirless conecion. If you going to do this at all.

  11. natrium42 Says:

    I am not aware of any use of Nintendo IP in PassMe. For example, no data created by Nintendo is used in the CPLD code.

    I have always publicly and privately *not* condoned game piracy. Pirating games is entirely not supported by me as explicitly stated in my shop.

    Perhaps you could show me what I infringe upon? Judging by your language, you are a smart fellow. 😉

  12. futaris Says:

    natrium, how did you wire up the bluetooth module? Is this just a cheap bluetooth module that you got off eBay or the like? Any help would be appreciated.

  13. urk Says:

    Great job!!!

    Another cool proyect, should be to connect an IR module to the passme and make the DS to work as remote controller for TV,CD,DVD…

  14. rixim Says:

    i got bought a usb bluetooth module. (it was way cheaper than that other link.) i have a passme that i got from lynx. i’d like to do compiles nativily on the DS (union mounting over the BT connection) currently i just need help with getting uClinux and BT to be happy. also, why not mount the serial connector sideways? i’m sort of worried with it sticking out like that…

  15. Slosha Says:

    hmmm…. awesome, you should try a digital camera and mess around with that a while….

  16. mm3guy Says:

    WTF, quit spamming this blog’s comments! This is a guy who works hard to make an idiot like you happy, and you’re abusing his good nature! Let him work, and stop spammng.

    Anyways, excellent work, natrium42, keep it up 😀

  17. penjuin Says:

    Just wondering where you got the bluetooth module. I have been looking for a good one to interface with an AtmelAVR via UART.

  18. futaris Says:

    These look suspiciously like the modules at:

  19. 2faraway from anywere Says:

    the ideas on this site are ace but where do you get all of the bits from like DSerial and that i only just got ds but would love to know what it realy capable of

  20. damaged Says:

    How did you manage to send HCI commands through hyperterminal to the module? I’m trying to do something similar for a uni project and failing miserably.

  21. DC-DS Says:

    If you used a command-line IRC client, you could redirect input/output to the bluetooth serial port.
    … but what comnand-line IRC clients are there for Windows?

    I guess Linux would work…

  22. ZF Says:

    u should start to make a profit off of your proditc

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