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High ALtitude Object

My little sister didn’t believe that the earth was round, so I decided to launch a helium balloon to an altitude of 30km and shoot pictures and videos. I have posted a write-up with selected pictures and videos here. A launch and retrieval video is also available.

High ALtitude Object

Just a change from DS projects 😀

7 Responses to “High ALtitude Object”

  1. Ghoom Says:

    You have accomplished my dream !
    Thanks !

  2. Web White Noise Says:

    High ALtitude Object…

    So I was searching around the net as I do and I came across this blog post. Apparently this guy, just to prove that the Earth was round to his little sister, built a a remotely controlled camera……

  3. Cone Says:

    Alright, that’s pretty bad ass. :)

  4. Mike Says:

    You are incredible man.. I always loved your DS work… this is out of this world (literally!)

  5. Craig Says:

    This is absolutely incredible. What an amazing adventure – congratulations sir on this and please keep up the good work!

    Next goal: to send a hamster into space! :-0

  6. UndeadD3vi1 Says:

    How comes you never did the 3rd Launch? Is it still planned? Considering this was your last blog post, most should assume you died… :(

  7. Farthen Says:

    He is not dead. He’s still more or less active in the DSserial Forum.

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