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DSerial GPS Project

Brief instructions for connecting a GPS module to DSerial have been posted to NaWiki. At this time raw NMEA strings can be read in the console. I will update my old Google GPS for DS hack to use this at some point.

DSerial GPS

DSerial GPS

16 Responses to “DSerial GPS Project”

  1. Farthen Says:

    That’s cool
    I think maybe i’ll buy a DSerial in 2 weeks?

    Just one Question:
    I don’t have a flashed DS, so can I use DSerial anyway?
    One time I tryed to push off my passcard and I could use my homebrew apps after that, too. So I think it works with a non-flashed-DS, too, doesn’t it?

    But i think it’s cool: now we can use the DS for Navigation, too.

    Could you say if it works with other GPSes, because I live in Germany, and I can remember, that the specification is not the same as in the USA?

    And (it’s really the last Question) can you if I need anything else then:


    hope I didn’t ask too much 😉


  2. natrium42 Says:

    Flashed DS is preferable, but it’s also possible to swap-in DSerial after booting with your Passcard.

    As for GPS, it’s called Global Positioning System because it works everywhere on Earth, so it will work in Germany :)
    EU is working on their own system called Galileo, but it’s not going to be operational until 2010.

  3. Video Game News » Blog Archive » DSerial GPS Project Says:

    […] Info at Natriums Site […]

  4. Farthen Says:

    Thanks 😉

    Maybe i’ll buy it in one and a half week, it looks really… serial

    I just don’t like the prices of the GPS modules but… mybe I just have to buy it one time and always have fun with that 😉


  5. Serpentor Says:

    Natrium, fantastic work as usual!

    Is there any chance you can make this a little more practical for the non-EE geeks in the crowd? What I mean is, any chance you can put all of the above items together in a small but elegant package that we can simply purchase from you and plug it into our DS and use it? (no assembly required). If you did that, I would be interested in buying one. That would be a solid, practical item for the DS.

    Thanks for all your hard work on these great gadgets!

  6. theNinjaBunny Says:

    Hi, wiki is showing “500 Server Error” so i can’t see the little brief.

    I’m with Serpentor, since i live in a small city, finding GPS Modules are not as easy as it seems. Another problem would be finding one compatible with DSSerial. So it you create a “all-in-one” package would be great.

    Open your source code may be not very amazing or interesting to you, but i started thinking some features to add, waypoints, km done,…

    Thanks for alll this

  7. freelancer Says:

    Cool. Two questions though:
    1. Would it be possible to use a USB GPS reciever with DSerial?
    2. Will you start selling DSerials again any time soon? I want one :)

  8. natrium42 Says:

    @Serpentor and theNinjaBunny:
    Thanks for your suggestion, I will consider it.

    I fixed the Wiki. For some reason my host decided to edit the php.ini file…

    USB cannot be used, since DSerial is a USB device (and not host) and it would be like connecting a keyboard to another keyboard. But, some (if not most) USB GPS modules can be hacked with a serial port. Usually, they use a small serial-to-USB converter chip. So if you open your GPS module (and perhaps remove the metal RF shield) you could look for that chip and find its pinout on the web. Then it’s a matter of connecting its Tx line to DSerial Rx line on IO2 port. You can even determine whether it uses a serial-to-USB converter without opening anything by looking at the Windows driver files.

    New DSerial batch should be available in about 2 weeks, but I might start taking preorders next week. Hopefully I can stand up to the demand this time around :)

  9. freelancer Says:

    Thanks for the info. My GPS reciever does in fact have a Serial-to-USB chip, so that shouldn’t be a problem then. Is the USB port on DSerial solely for connecting it to the PC?

  10. natrium42 Says:

    Yes, that’s the only purpose for the USB port. Might come in handy for a debug cable.

  11. nYoo Says:

    Are you still working on that VGA out that you posted in your gallery?

  12. freelancer Says:

    I don’t mean to complain, but it’s been two weeks now. Any news on that new DSerial batch? :)

  13. KnightFire Says:

    Ah… wouldn’t a nice Bluetooth GPS and a DSbluetooth card be more effective? I’m hesitant on purchasing a DSerial card but a bluetooth one… :-)

    Did someone mention a VGA or TV out card (not for DS gaming)… now that would be really nice. DSlinux would be totally wicked then.

  14. freelancer Says:

    DSbluetooth… I like that idea, that’s awsome! natrium42, if you ever make one, I’ll definitely buy it :)

  15. Farthen Says:

    I don’t mean to complain, too, but now it’s 3 weeks 😉
    I can’t wait to get my DSerial.

    Are there any things you can do with the tilt sensors?
    I mean, I’m not sure to buy that tilt DSerial, cause they are more expensive.
    Are there any upcoming projects with the tilt?

    I’ll definetily buy DSerial, if it would be availiable 😉

  16. freelancer Says:

    Pre-order available now! I’ve made mine :)

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