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“Under Pressure” Demo

The touchscreen controller in the DS allows to read out pressure of the touch. It should be called pseudo-pressure, really, because it’s based on the the touched area and not on real exerted pressure.

Here is a small demo to show touch pressure. Although an emulator binary is available there is not much use to it.


Source code and PassMe & ARM9 binaries:

3 Responses to ““Under Pressure” Demo”

  1. Ieremiou Says:

    I don’t see any ARM9 Binaries in this zip all i see Is a PassMe build.
    Could you update it with the ARM9 Bin?


  2. natrium42 Says:

    The arm9.bin is in the arm9 folder.

  3. Ieremiou Says:

    Ah my bad, i wasn’t except it to be just labeled arm9.bin. Thanks lol.

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