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DSerial preparation

To make DSerial work you need to install the OS in the flashcart and copy the default firmware to the microcontroller.

Needed files

DSerial Edge Pack Here you can find an example program, which will copy the firmware to the microcontroller.


EDGE OS This is the software that will let you boot other programs stored in your DSerial EDGE flashcart.

File: EDGE OS v1.5

Moonshell This program lets you listen to music and watch videos stored in your DSerial EDGE flashcart

File: Moonshell for EDGE 1.71-r2 (optional)


Unpack EDGE OS to the root folder of your microsd. Now you must have a file named EDGE.DAT and a folder named EDGE on it.

Find "dserial-example.nds" inside dserial-edge pack and copy it to your microsd. Run the example in your DS and it will copy the basic firmware to DSerials microcontroller.

Compiler and tools

Toolchain installation

DevkitARM is the recomended toolchain for compiling your code. Extended help and updates can be found on it's homepage:

Currently, provided examples work with 24th release of devkitARM. Installation and compiling examples for this release are provided here. Newer releases are available, but provided examples need changes to make them work.

Installation of the toolchain requires the download and manual installation of several files. Windows users with internet connection may use the automated installer, but it will install newest toolchain and libraries version.

Needed files

devkitARM It's the compiler and provides the basic tools that let you create software for NintendoDS bootable through a flashcart. Depending on your computer processor and operative system, you need a specific release:

For linux OS and 32-bit processor: devkitARM_r24-i686-linux.tar.bz2 For linux OS and 64-bit processor: devkitARM_r24-x86_64-linux.tar.bz2 For Macintosh X OS : devkitARM_r24-osx.tar.bz2 For Windows OS : devkitARM_r24-win32.exe

libNDS It's the library containing the specifications and functions needed to program for NintendoDS.

File: libnds-1.3.1.tar.bz2

default_ARM7 It's a program that runs by default in the ARM7 coprocessor of the NintendoDS. Your programs will use only the ARM9 main processor. It is recommended over creating your own program for the coprocessor, because multiprocessor programming is a pain.

File: default_arm7-20081210.tar.bz2

DSerial Edge Pack DSerial library, examples and firmware.


Optional files

libFAT This library let's you read and write files from your flashcart.

File: libfat-nds-1.0.3.tar.bz2

dsWIFI This library let's you use wireless capabilities of the NintendoDS.

File: dswifi-0.3.5.tar.bz2

maxmod This is a sound library.

File: maxmod-nds-1.0.1.tar.bz2


Detailed help can be found here: DevkitARM's Getting Started