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RoboDS is an open robotic platform for the DS. It runs a minimal HTTP server and can be remotely controlled via NDS Wi-Fi. It is very simple to construct as it uses 2 or more R/C servo motors. Sensors can be added as needed and connected to DSerial2.


RoboDS Assembly Video

RoboDS Prototype and Video Setup


Hacking servos

This step modifies servo motors for continuous rotation. Usually servos rotate to an absolute angle, but we don't want that.

Open each servo and carefully remove the plastic tab shown in the picture below. You will need to remove the ball bearing from the output shaft first. Do not remove plastic tab hastily or the gear might crack.

Remove the plastic tab on the output gear

Also remove the slotted disk under the same gear. That prevents the potentiometer in the servo from rotating with the output shaft.

See also hacking servo if you are using your own Servos.

Assembling Servo Brackets

See pictures.

Attaching Servo Brackets

See pictures.

Attaching Caster

See pictures.

Attaching Battery Holder

Use the double-sided sticky pad to attach the battery holder. Make sure that it doesn't interfere with the caster wheel. The bond is very strong, so position it carefully!

Attaching DS

Use velcro to attach the DS. Loopy side is recommended for DS.


Coming soon.


Download the below and put robods.nds onto your memory card. It will use WFC settings to connect. Once it connects, open the IP in your browser to control the robot.

Files - RoboDS Software


RoboDS Back
RoboDS Bottom
RoboDS Iso Back
RoboDS Iso Forward
RoboDS Iso Forward Right
RoboDS Side
RoboDS Side Closed